Worship at St. Paul’s

Worship at St. Paul’s is called the “Divine Service” because in the worship service, it is Christ who serves us. He delivers in this service the salvation He accomplished by His life, death and resurrection. The Holy Spirit gives us what is Christ’s through the preached Word, Holy Baptism, Holy Absolution and the Holy Communion.

Worship at St. Paul’s is liturgical. That means we follow an order of service that has been handed down in the church since biblical times, always anchored in and richly full of God’s Word and promises. The Holy Liturgy combines what is best from the church’s entire history and life and doesn’t seek merely to cater to one particular age group or generation. Thus, worship at St. Paul’s is timeless.

St. Paul’s uses a Lutheran Service Book, commonly called a “hymnal.” Inside our hymnal, you will find prayers, the orders of service, psalms and hymns old and new. For those who are not accustomed to using a hymnal or regular order of service, it can take some getting used to. But simply follow the outline in the worship bulletin and you will always know on what page you should be. Better yet, just ask one of St. Paul’s friendly members to help you if you need to find your place!